Isabella M

Singer/Songwriter/Aspiring producer

Isabella Malmqvist started her musical journey when she started a children's choir in Gotland, Sweden. She has always loved singing and at home she constantly tried out different singing techniques. She started to play classical piano at the age of 8 with a private teacher and in school she picked anything about music. After studying music in highschool she had a little break but never stopped wanting to make music of her own. She started writing on her free time and took singing classes. Music production became a big interest when she was very young but she didn't realize it then. It started with a tape recorder. After studying music and sound design at a university in Sweden she knew she wanted to learn more about music production. That's when she knew that she's supposed to become a music producer and a songwriter.

A versatile singer

Reflection of the mood through technique and emotion.

Musical Inspiration

Isabella found her sanctuary in soul and R&B music and discovered it is healing to sing in that rawness and realness. She felt it could help her through the struggles in life. She is an open-minded singer and finds inspiration in all kinds of music. Pop is the genre where she finds opportunity to express any kind of mood and vibe with any sound and influence and she loves to be creative musically. She finds it fascinating how it is possible to really make her own blend and she uses different ways to write and make music.

Photo: Anna Ericsson and Carina Cangnefjord


Visby, Sweden

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