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About my latest single "Change Behavior".

Uppdaterat: 21 apr 2019

My latest single came out of me pretty easily. Not because I just made it all up, but because I was intensely inspired by the stories and life of many beautiful and kind people who have been through a lot of pain and disrespect. They didn't do anything wrong but somehow they turned into someones punching bag both literally and metaforically. Everyday people are exposed by abuse and bullies in different ways or they just feel like someone is treating them like shit.

The problem lies in the abusers or bullies disabilities of realizing their own flaws, problems and destructive behavior.

I needed to express my own thoughts about it and to show support to those who have been through hard times. Too much negativity can really break someone and this song is for those who are hurt. I hope to bring some awareness about how we treat other people when we are in our worst moments because it can happen to anyone and no-one is perfect. But it's important to show appreciation and to understand that we all have struggles in life. We can make each other feel better and make the world a little brighter if we don't blame others about what we have caused and make an effort to really make the situation better for ourselves. There's no reason for being condescending because it won't make the problem go away. But if we make the decision to spread good vibes and to put a smile on each other we can find a way out of the pain and discomfort. So this song has two different sides. From the victims perspective and from the abusers or bullies perspective. It's a song many of us can relate to and it's not something that is easy to solve. Hopefully I can bring some hope and make more people change behavior and spread good vibes!

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