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My latest project

The last few weeks I've been working on an exciting project. Thanks to my passion for music I never give up when it comes to writing and producing new songs.

The last year I've been working on a few songs with the intention of training myself and I can finally say that I've improved much. Though I sit by myself at home with Logic pro X, a midi controller, headphones, a mic and a piano AND raising my two small kids simultaneously, I don't ever think to myself: "this is pointless. Why do I even try to have a career in music".

I'm not saying that it's a walk in the park. It's fucking hard! Especially when I don't have anyone to work with at the moment. But I have something that convince me that I can do it. Passion, motivation, ambition, determination and goals.

That is very crucial when you want to become a professional.

So to get back on my latest project! I've written, composed, performed, mixed and produced a song for somebody that really has made it in the music business. I've also pitched it and by only doing that I've reached another goal.

But it's a long process and the first person that hears it makes the decision to leave it or to pitch it further.

What happens to it next is out of my control. I LOVE the song and I've worked really hard on it. I won't break down if it doesn't reach far. I'd be thrilled and amazed if it did of course.

There are a lot of people involved.

So we'll see how this turns out!

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