• Isabella Malmqvist

Stepping into the music business

I've made the decision to believe in myself as a singer and a songwriter. I try to separate the two a little bit because I don't only sing or write for myself. I want to collaborate with other musicians, artists and companies that need music, vocals or lyrics for a project. When I make my own music for others to hear I call myself a musician and producer. Because I don't have a lot of experience in performing live I don't see myself as an artist yet. But I really want to get there sometime. I'd love to sing for others who enjoys my music and to be able to inspire, entertain and heal.

I know most people think: It's really hard to make it.

Here's the thing. I'm not pressuring myself to earn a lot of money or to become famous.

I'll tell you why I'm doing this. It's what I love. I want to connect through music. Music is Powerful and I need it to stay sane just like many others in this world.

So if you have a project and you want me to be a part of it. Let me know!

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