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Working on my first EP

I've been a little busy around christmas. I've been able to squeeze in a little bit of music here an there but the time has been very limited. My youngest has started preschool and that feels good. He loves being surrounded by other little kids. I'm training my voice because it's been a while and since I decided to really take singing seriously I need to make sure I have all the techniques and that I use my voice in a healthy way. It's really important to me that you enjoy listening to me. Since I had my first baby I kind of forgot training my voice but I never stopped singing. I've written songs and I'm starting to find my sound when it comes to producing. Though I have a lot more to learn with music production I want to put music out there for you so you can get an idea of how I sing and I also want you to be able to hear my lyrics!

I write in different ways and sometimes I just come up with the lyrics when I listen to a beat or a loop. Sometimes I sit by the piano and improvise to get my thoughts out. And then I continue working on the songs. I intend to post some short clips of lyrics with music for you exclusively on this blog before I release the EP. You'll hear from me again soon!

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